4 Best F150 Seat Covers (for Trucks)

Finding the best Ford F150 truck seat covers that are durable, easy to install, and last long is a crucial step before buying the best Ford F150 truck seat covers. If you want to protect your seats from getting dirty, and keep them clean, it is important to find the best seat covers for your Ford F150 truck. The seats of the F150 are among the most important parts of a car and having a nice, clean, and safe-looking seat can make a big difference.

After a long day of driving, you will want to relax and unwind. The best Ford F150 seat covers should be soft, comfortable, and durable to make your journey comfortable.

The seat covers for trucks come in a variety of colors and designs. The best Ford F150 truck seat covers that are available in the market are made of leather, vinyl, nylon, polyester, and others. The material of the seat covers affects the overall look and feel of the truck.

In this guide, I have covered the detailed reviews of the best Ford F150 truck seat covers that will keep your seats clean and safe. Let’s see what these comfortable seat covers for Ford 150 trucks are like.

It is important to keep the upholstery of Ford truck clean and shiny as it will add value to your vehicle. Therefore, if you want to make your vehicle look better and protect the upholstery from getting dirty and worn out, you should consider buying the best Ford F150 truck seat covers that will cover the entire seat and add value to your vehicle.

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Are Car Seat Covers Worth It?

Car seat covers are worth the price as they will protect the upholstery of your vehicle’s interior. The car or truck seat covers are usually made of neoprene, leather, cotton, polyester, or vinyl. They come in different designs and colors and protect the seat from scratches and dents. The material used in these car seat covers is durable and easy to clean. Car seat covers are useful for keeping dirt and stains off the seats, so they can be cleaned easily. However, car seat covers should be fitted correctly to ensure that they provide the protection that you need.

The seat cover materials of F150 are:

  • Neoprene
  • Cotton or Polyester
  • Vinyl or Polyurethane (PU)
  • Leather

Neoprene Seat Covers for F150

Neoprene seat covers are designed to fit the contour of the vehicle seat. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber that is resistant to heat and cold. The material is soft and flexible and offers excellent insulation properties. Neoprene is the material of choice for car seat covers because it is waterproof, easy to clean, and durable. These neoprene seat covers have been designed to fit your truck perfectly so you can enjoy maximum comfort while driving.

Neoprene seat covers are great at keeping you cool during the summer months as neoprene material is known for deflecting more heat rather than absorbing it. For example, you may be driving a truck through a scorching desert, but sitting in a vehicle with a neoprene seat cover is going to be a lot cooler than one without.

The downside of neoprene seat covers for F150 trucks is that they start fading pretty quickly as the sun rays hit the neoprene seat covers through the car window.

Another downside of neoprene seat covers is that they can be uncomfortable as they may feel hard during long-distance driving. It just depends on the sensitivity of a driver’s body. While this may not be a downside for most people, you would want to test it out before buying the neoprene seat cover for the Ford 150 truck.

Moreover, dogs’ hair tends to stick to the neoprene seat cover and does not wipe off the neoprene seats as easily as it would wipe off leather.

Cotton or Polyester Seat Covers for Ford 150

Polyester is used for upholstery because of its durability, stain resistance, and ease of cleaning. If you need heavy-duty protection for the seat covers of your Ford 150 truck, polyester seat covers are great. If you have children, pets, or anything that could potentially leave a mess inside our vehicle, the polyester seat cover is a nice mix of comfort and durability. Polyester car seat covers are easily machine washable compared to neoprene seat covers. Also, polyester car seat covers are highly UV-resistant. So, their color won’t fade over time.

Vinyl Seat Covers for Ford 150

Vinyl is not fabric at all, but a kind of plastic made from petroleum, natural gas, and salt that is commonly used to upholster car seats. Vinyl car seat covers typically take the form of imitation leather. A vinyl seat cover is a cheaper alternative to leather seat covers for anyone who wants his car seat covers to mimic the comfort and appearance of leather seat covers. 

The downside of a vinyl seat cover is that it may rip or tear quite easily, and it does not lend itself well to patching or similar repairs. Moreover, vinyl seat covers need gentle cleaning agents to wipe off the dirt and stains.

Leather Seat Covers for F150

The leather seat cover gives off a luxurious appearance to your truck. Leather is an expensive and good-looking material. It has a natural sheen and looks that no other material can match. Your vehicle’s interior would be incomplete without a leather seat cover.

Leather seat covers protect the upholstery from the elements and provide a great finish to the overall look of your vehicle. With its high quality, you can be sure that the material will last long. It is easy to maintain and clean, as well. The leather seat cover is also nice because the dog’s hair will brush off quickly and easily. Also, real leather offers a classy appearance. It’s soft and supple, making it more comfortable for your body.

The downside of leather seat covers for the F150 truck is that they are available in one or two colors. Moreover, when it comes to dog nails, they will likely poke a hole in a leather seat cover.

Best F150 Seat Covers

Seat CoversMaterial
Rough Country Seat CoverNeoprene
Covercraft Carhartt Seat CoverSynthetic Fabric
Katzkin Seat CoversNatural Leather
Aierxuan Seat CoversPolyurethane Leather (Synthetic leather)

Here are the reviews of the best F150 seat covers.

1. Rough Country Seat Cover

  • Excellent comfort
  • Great breathability
  • Nice durability
  • Fits nicely
  • Installation can be challenging

Rough country is the best neoprene F150 seat cover. They make covers for both front and back seats. These seat covers are made to be easy to install and do not require any tools. The seat cover and backrest are separate pieces so that they can fit perfectly. The outer layer is made from Neoprene, a highly breathable material that lubricates itself and does not absorb water like cotton. So, rain and snow just roll right off the seat covers instead of soaking into the fabric.

Inside, 2 layers of foam padding and polyester shell offer protection against scratches and dents from items placed inside your vehicle. Not only will your F150 look awesome with Rough Country Seat Covers, you’ll also have peace of mind knowing they can withstand the elements and protect your seat.

Rough Country Neoprene Seat Covers fit like a glove and can be customized to fit the front and back seats. According to users, you can’t tell they are covers at all as they look more like custom seats. They’re not baggy or loose. The stitch point of RC seat covers, where the hooks are attached to the elastic, also appear to be sewn very well.

As far as the installation process of Rough Country seat covers is concerned, it is easy to install cover for the front seats. But for the back seats, it can be slightly a pain. You’ll need to unlatch the driver’s backseat hook to release and fold down the back seat for seat cover installation.

You can check out the video below to install Rough Country Neoprene seat covers.

The downside of Rough Country seat cover is that some users don’t like the screen-printed RC logo on it. You can buy a military-style velcro patch and use fabric adhesive to cover the RC logo if it doesn’t suit your style. Another downside is that there are no instructions to install Rough Country seat covers. However, they are pretty much easy to install. Another slight downside about Rough Country Seat Covers is that there are hooks on the door side of the back seat after installation.

Another issue with the Rough Country seat covers is the back seat headrest pieces don’t wrap like the front seat headset. 

2. Covercraft Carhartt Seat Cover

  • Excellent material quality
  • Machine washable
  • Color does not fade out
  • Great fit
  • Front and back seat covers are separately sold

Covercraft Carhartt makes the best fabric seat covers for Ford 150 trucks. Carhartt seat covers are not cheap, but you will certainly like their durability. Covercraft Carhartt seat covers are made specifically for the F150 bucket seats. Furthermore, they are tight and firm fitting plus they are machine-washable so they can get your truck’s interior clean after every ride.

Covercraft Carhartt seat covers come in single-piece and 2-piece design (separate pieces for the top and bottom of the seat). I would advise you to go with a 2-piece set of a seat cover for a better fit. With the separate pieces of seat cover, a 60/40 split still works as it will not be one large seat after the covers are installed.

Moreover, due to the rugged pattern of material, the Carhartt covers will protect the leather seats of your Ford truck from the muddy paws of your dog.

The downside of Covercraft Carharrt seat covers is that they are a bit pricey, considering that you will only get FRONT seat covers, not for the rear seat or center console. The product pictures are misleading as they have also shown the back seat cover set. Unfortunately, they only come with front bucket seat covers. They do make back seat covers, but you have to order them separately.

3. Katzkin Leather Seat Covers for Ford 150 Trucks

  • Perfect fit
  • Pretty fine texture
  • Great appearance
  • Highly durable and thick leather-like OEM
  • Requires a professional to install the seat cover

Katzkin brand is known for making one of the best leather seat covers for F150 trucks. The Katzkin Leather Seat Covers are designed to fit both front and back seats of the F150 trucks. In their package, the seat covers for both front and back seats are included.

If you look at the pricing of Katzkin leather seat covers, they are quite expensive compared to the Rough Country Neoprene and Carharrt Fabric seat covers. The reason is that Katzskins uses 100% natural leather to make the seat covers. The leather has the finest quality and has a very soft feel when you touch these seat covers. They are also water repellent and the color will not fade or peel off. 

The installation process of Katzkin leather seat covers is quite difficult and could require a professional to install those seat covers. To install Katzkin leather seat covers, you need to take the seats out of the vehicle, and remove plastic trim and cloth covers from the seats. Also, you have to cut the leather after you get it on the seat for headrests. It is a bit nerve-racking task. In the end, I would say you should only try to install Katzkins seat cover yourself if are somewhat comfortable with your skills working on vehicles. It can take up to 10 hours to install Katzkin seat covers.

4. Aierxuan Polyurethane Seat Covers for Ford 150

  • Good value for money
  • Moderate comfort
  • Nice design and texture
  • Headrest cover fit is not good

If your wallet can’t stomach the high price of pure leather Katzkins seat covers, you can go with these Aierxuam seat covers for your Ford 150 truck. Aierxuan seat covers are made of synthetic leather that looks just like real leather and cost much less than a new set of leather seats.  

As far as the fit and installation process is concerned, Aierxuan seat covers only fit crew cab Ford 150. If you own a regular cab of Ford 150, do not buy them as Aierxuan seat covers have a very specific installation process for the only crew can Ford F150.

Aierxuan seat covers set comes with 2 front seat covers and 3 pieces that make up the back seat cover and then 5 headrest covers. The seat covers are divided into multiple pieces that zip up together so that they fit nicely.

The major downside of Axerxuan seat covers is that headrest covers are so loose, and they barely stay on. The headrest cover is a U-shaped piece of fabric that folds over and clips to the headrest. These clips are not adjustable. You have to recenter the headrest every time. 

Why Do Your Car Seat Covers Run Hot?

Car seat covers may run hot when the weather is hot, and the car AC is not working. The car seat cover needs to absorb heat from your body to keep you comfortable.

Can Seat Covers Protect The Leather Seats?

Seat covers will not only protect your seats from dings and scuffs, but will help maintain the integrity of the leather and even make it easier to clean. When used correctly, you can prolong the life of your leather upholstery for years to come. There are a few ways seat covers can help protect leather seating, but the best way to determine if seat covers are a good fit for your vehicle is to test them yourself. You can do this by driving your car over rough terrain and see how seat covers hold up.

Which Seat Cover Works Best With Pets? 

Neoprene or fabric material of seat covers works best with the pets. Neoprene is waterproof and has great durability. Fabric made of cotton or polyester also has excellent durability to withstand the tear caused by the dog’s paws. Fabric can also maintain the temperature. It does not become too much hot in summer. However, the fabric is not waterproof. You have to treat it with a hydrophobic spray.

Why Do I Need Seat Covers for Ford F150 Truck?

You need seat covers for your Ford F150 truck because you want to protect your seats and keep your vehicle looking fresh and clean. The weather can wreak havoc on your vehicle’s interior. The sun and rain can cause your upholstery to dry out and crack. Seat covers are a great way to maintain the temperature of your car seats, add durability and keep them clean. Seat covers add years to the life of your vehicle.

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