4 Best Tool Box for F150 in 2022 [Most Secure for Truck Bed]

F150 trucks are among the most popular pickup truck models in the US market. In addition to providing a powerful engine, it offers a large storage space. A tool box for F150 trucks helps to organize your tools, spare parts, and accessories. However, finding the best tool box for F150 is not easy. It is important to choose the best tool box for your truck as the size of the tool box can determine how much space you have to store the tools.

Tool boxes are used to store tools and other items needed for work. Most of the tool boxes come in different shapes and sizes. A tool box that is built with quality materials and is durable enough can save a lot of time. A tool box for an F150 truck needs to be sturdy and durable enough to hold all of your tools safely. Each tool box has its own set of features, and the choice depends on your personal preferences. 

If you are looking for the best tool box for your Ford 150 truck, you have to consider a few important factors, such as size, waterproof, security, style, and design. In this guide, I have reviewed the best tool boxes for F150 truck that provide the necessary features to organize your tools. Let’s look at each tool box in detail and see what makes it the best.

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Are Truck Tool Boxes Worth It?

Truck tool boxes are worth it as they are essential for any truck owner to ensure his or her tools are safe and accessible from the cab. A properly functioning truck tool box allows for quick and easy access to the tools necessary to perform the job. While the truck toolbox exposes it to the outside elements, such as rain, mud, or snow, it can keep everything inside dry, safe, and rust-free.

A good truck tool box should be able to hold everything needed for the job and provide easy access for the tools that are needed. This makes sure that the tools that you are using are safe and available to use when needed.

If you’re worried about your tools getting stolen, you’ll be happy to know that most tool boxes have some sort of security system. Most come with a smart locking system you can use to lock the box.

If you need to carry a lot of tools and equipment, a truck toolbox may be the best option. They are compact and durable. But, they aren’t always cheap. So, here’s what you should consider before purchasing one.

First, you have to determine whether you are going to use the box frequently or just occasionally. If you are going to use the toolbox on a regular basis, you may want to go for a quality model. You should also check what kind of tools you are going to store in the Ford F150 tool box. There are several tools truck drivers carry, such as spare parts (batteries, belts, pulley, alternator, fuses), pliers, screwdrivers, wrench, etc. The size of the box you choose should be proportional to the number of items you plan to store.

Second, you need to decide if you want a toolbox that is lightweight or heavy-duty. Light-weight models are usually made out of plastic or aluminum, but they are less durable. Heavy-duty boxes are usually made of steel and are stronger. You can find these models at a variety of prices.

Third, you should look for the right fit. A box with too many compartments will make it hard for you to find the things you need. But, too few compartments may limit the number of tools you can store. You should also consider the design. Some models are designed for the storage of specific types of tools, while others are made to store various items.

Finally, you need to determine if you want a Ford F150 toolbox that is easy to open and close. You should be able to easily access the contents without having to remove everything first. Also, the box should be able to stand up to rough handling.

Do Truck Tool Boxes Leak?

Truck tool boxes can leak if their material quality is cheaper and the sealant layer breaks down. If tool boxes wear faster, they could cause a leakage. Good quality tool boxes have sealant around the inside perimeter of the lid. The sealing and the body of a truck toolbox can be affected by the twisting of the truck as you drive over uneven gutters or driveways.

However, tool boxes can also cause condensation on the tools in the tool box due to the improper airflow across the toolbox. When the temperature inside the tool box is significantly different from the ambient temperature, condensation on the tools can occur which we often assume as moisture leakage. On the good quality toolboxes, there are some air gaps ensure optimum airflow, and let the toolbox breathe properly.

Should I Need a Truck Toolbox or Tonneau Cover?

There is no perfect answer. It depends on what you need. Truck tool boxes come with a lot of storage space, but they keep a bunch of gear and emergency supplies in a safe place so that the Ford truck stays clutter-free. Also, people prefer truck tool boxes because they like just throwing the tools, equipment, etc over the side into the bed when they can vs unlocking the tailgate, pushing the stuff inside, and then, locking the tailgate back.

However, if you live in a snow country, a tonneau cover can be the better option as it keeps snow and ice from sticking to the truck bed. Moreover, people also avoid truck tool boxes if their truck has a small bed size i.e. less than 5’8”. However, if you have to haul or tow something big like Gooseneck frequently, it is better to stay with the toolbox. Rolling up a tonneau cover is also easy. But, with frequent towing, bedding, and hauling jobs, it becomes challenging to do it again and again.

Also, if you carry a lot of stuff with you, throwing it just over a truck bed will create a mess for you. With the Tonneau cover, you really can’t get to the front of the bed easily. So, you have to open the tonneau cover and put everything by the tailgate. 

Best Tool Box for F150 

Here are the reviews of the best tool box for F150.

UnderCover SwingCase Tool Box

UnderCover SwingCase Tool Box is one of the best tool boxes for F150 trucks with truck beds of 5.5′ or shorter length. Swingcase is a type of wheel well toolbox that ccupy the space behind the rear wheel well humps. The best part of SwingCase toolbox is that it doesn’t make the truck bed even shorter by blocking the area behind the cab. Another best thing about this toolbox is that you can also use a tonneau cover on your Ford truck to protect the truck bed liner in snow, and to place large and heavy equipment on the truck bed.

To access your tools and gear, you only need to swing the toolbox 180 degrees towards you, then turn it back to a locking state by using its quick-release latch system. However, if you frequently need a bed extender for hauling, using that kind of toolbox can be a bit painful as it has to be removed frequently to use the bed extender. As far as material is concerned, Swingcase body is made of heavy-duty ABS plastic and the hinges are made of metal.

To install Swingcase toolbox on Ford F150, you can watch the below video:

If your Ford F150 truck bed has a plastic liner and you want to mount a Swingcase on it, you have to cut some of the plastic liner where the front bracket of the Swingcase toolbox attaches. The cutout size is probably like a 3×4 inch square and that might be on the big side. Actually, when tightening up the mounting bracket against the bed liner, it may create a buckling effect if your liner is not a tight fit against your bed sidewalls. So, to cover all bases, the company recommends cutting out a section of the bed liner to afford this potential bucking when the liner is not a tight fit.

As far as the locking system is concerned, it works with keys and a built-in lock system. SwingCase also makes a toolbox for the passenger side to get more storage for the tools without consuming the space of the truck bed. The key for the lock is different for both toolboxes.

There is a metal loop on the mounting bracket that is bolted to the truck. It protrudes through a slot in the metal bracket on the back of the case of the toolbox when it’s in the closed position. So, you can install a padlock to keep the swingcase from being swung open and lifted off the bracket.

The SwingCase toolbox is very lightweight, due to which it is pretty easy to install without needing so many tools. However, due to ABS plastic material of SwingCase toolbox is weaker, and tends to break easily. If you are driving offroad, the plastic material of this toolbox will not last for more than a year. Moreover, this toolbox might not be big enough to store all the important equipment, but it leaves enough room in the truck bed after installation.

The last thing about this Swingcase toolbox is that the lid seals tightly, to prevent any moisture from getting inside the toolbox. Swingcase toolbox is not completely waterproof. It is somehow water-resistant. There is a rubber-type gasket in the actual lid of the toolbox that seats on the box and the lid sits over the box making a weather-resistant seal. This toolbox only prevents entering the moisture when positioned in the upright position.

The downside of Swingcase toolbox is that you will lose access to the rear tie-down of the truck while the box is in place. However, it’s quite easy to remove the Swingcase without needing help from a second person so that you could access the tie-down when needed.

UWS 69-Inch Low Profile Tool Box for Ford F150

If you’re looking for the best low profile tool box for F150, then UWS 69-Inch Low Profile Tool Box for F150 is the one. The good news is that it is the most reliable and durable at such an affordable price. If you do not want to break the bank for a low-profile Weatherguard toolbox, I would highly recommend you buy this UWS Low Profile Tool Box. According to the salesperson at the aftermarket local parts store, the UWS toolbox always seems to be the underdog. But the quality is right up there with Cam Locker, Dee Zee, and Weatherguard. 

UWS is the only company that makes a 69 inches toolbox, while other manufacturers make 72 inches toolbox. This makes the box sit on the bed rails right in the middle on each side. 

The UWS 69-Inch Low Profile Tool Box is designed to fit on the outside of your Ford F150’s bed rail, maximizing cargo space while giving you access to all of your tools with ease. The patented RigidCore foam-filled lid maximizes strength and prevents binding when opening and closing, and keeps tools secure inside. Layered between the two sheets of aluminum, this foam-filled core significantly increases the structural integrity of the lid to prevent bending and warping. The lid of UWS toolbox is so strong that they can take the abuse of standing on it to get to the top of the truck.

Also, it is built lower on the bed rail for a better view out the rear window. The 0.058″ extra-thick, one-piece aluminum tub holds heavy tools and cargo, while stainless steel paddle lock handles are corrosion resistant to protect against rust. In the aluminum tub of the toolbox, there are internal gussets for holding the screwdrivers.

internal gussets to hold screw drivers in UWS toolbox

To ensure security and corrosion resistant operation, its stainless steel lock handles are built stronger with a connecting rod that allows convenient operation from either side of the truck. Its MicroSeal gasket seal keeps out moisture, dust and dirt. Also, when you unlock the lid, it automatically opens to the 90 degree so that you can easily load your equipment and gear in the toolbox. Moreover, the interior rod structure prevents the jammping up of the toolbox when you load the box with a lot of material.

Check out the below video to see the internal structure of the UWS toolbox.

UWS toolbox is pretty easy to install due to its pre-drilled slots in the mounting bracket. If you do not want to drill holes in the bed rail of the truck, you can get these J bolts to insert through the pre-machined slot and pull the hook under the bed rails.

You can see below video to install UWS toolbox with J bolt.

Lastly, the complaint with the UWS toolbox is that the foam strips on either end of the box keep coming off the adhesive that holds them up. A person sells UWS toolbox at local market. According to him, the slight downside of UWS toolbox is the pistons that assist in opening its lid. They seem to struggle to get it fully in the open position.

CAMLOCKER 71-Inch Low Profile Tool Box

According to the users, the Camlocker toolboxes are a bit more sturdy than the UWS in terms of the aluminum tub and the lock quality. Compared to the one-year warranty of the UWS toolbox, the Camlocker toolbox offers a 3-years structural warranty which sets a higher price for Camlocker toolboxes compared to the UWS toolboxes. 

The wall thickness of the Camlocker aluminum toolbox is a bit higher i.e. 0.063” which ensures sufficient strength and durability. The aluminum material with a welded seam makes the box strong enough for carrying heavy tools. I think due to the welded construction, Camlocker has offered a structural warranty of 3 years so that if anything happens to the box, the manufacturer will replace it free of charge. The thing I liked about the Camlocker toolbox is that the aluminum tub has a carpet lining on all sides so that the walls of toolbox are protected from mildews and molds.

Note: On amazon listing, it is mentioned that the tub of toolbox is made of stainless steel. This is wrong. Please don’t fall for it. I checked several Youtube videos and the listing of Camlocker toolbox on several websites. They are made of a heavy-duty aluminum. Only the hinges of the Camlocker are made of stainless steel so that it prevents corrosion and the lid closes perfectly without causing any leakage.

Camlocker toolboxes have easily-accessible chrome-plated carbon steel T-handles of the lock system that is easily accessible from either side of the Ford truck for opening the toolbox. Camlocker uses revolving cams that hook through welded catches so that it remains locked in a closed position. The carpet liner can also be removed for easy cleaning.

Both UWS and Camlocker toolboxess come with removable sliding trays. The width of Camlocker toolbox tray is a bit lesser than that of the UWS toolbox tray. The Camlocker toolbox tray has two partitions, while the UWS toolbox tray has three partitions.

The thing I liked about Camlocker toolbox is that its aluminum tub has three partitions i.e. one big middle compartment and two side compartments. It allows placing your tools in the toolbox in a more organized way. 

The installation process of a Camlocker toolbox is the same as that of a UWS toolbox. The toolbox has machined slots to pass through the J bolt and pull it under the bed rail.

So, the takeaway of all discussion is that if you open the toolbox lid dozens of times a day, the Camlocker toolbox can stand the test of time due to its neat opening mechanism.

Decked Drawer System is not like typical toolboxes for F150 I reviewed above.  The Decked Toolbox F150 storage system comes with heavy-duty, watertight storage compartments to keep your hunting, climbing, or camping gear hidden from view while you’re out and about. Each drawer locks securely when opened and closed as well as comes with a comfortable handle and secure latch so you can carry it around and know that the contents are safe. This product gives hunters, climbers or campers tons of room to bring one-of-a-kind items with them in their wilderness excursions. You can check out the below video for the installation of the Decked system in the Ford F150.

Decked Drawer system is only recommended if you won’t need towing as it is not compatible with towing accessories like Gooseneck. Moreover, the Decked drawer system isn’t compatible with the plastic bed liner.