Hello! I am Asjad Emir, founder of Autocornerd and your auto buddy. It is my goal to make car maintenance and understanding easier for you.

My goal is to teach you everything you need to know about properly maintaining your vehicle, fixing common problems and selecting the right motor oil. In my role as your digital mechanic, I will share guides, how-to tutorials, and product reviews to help you learn more about cars.

Besides simple do-it-yourself maintenance techniques, you’ll find troubleshooting tips, information on which lubricating oils perform best, and advice on how test defective components of your car. My goal is to make Autocornerd your go-to resource for learning all there is to know about your vehicle!

Unlike some other sites, Autocornerd doesn’t just scratch the surface. I will provide in-depth examinations of automotive parts, engines, and more. The articles on Autocornerd dive into the core of how vehicles work, giving detailed insights to build your expertise.

What Is Expertise Of Autocornerd?

The engine is the beating heart of a vehicle, working hard to keep things running smoothly. But like any hard-working machine, engines can sometimes act up and show warning signs like a stubborn check engine light coming on.

Seeing that little glowing engine icon is worrying for good reason – it could signal brewing trouble that needs prompt attention to prevent bigger breakdowns down the road. AutoCornerd is here to take some of the stress out of that situation by arming drivers with handy troubleshooting tips.

Whether it’s giving TLC to keep your engine and transmission happy, knowing when to swap out worn brake pads, decoding electrical quirks, or tracking down mystery rattles and squeaks, AutoCornerd aims to cover all the basics in simple, practical guides.

Here’s a taste of some of the topics we tackle:

When your engine does not start, we help you check what can cause this. We start with easy things to check, like the battery and starter. Then we look at harder problems, like if the timing belt needs help or if something is wrong with the electrics.

We also help fix noises from your vehicle that bother you. Our guides show you where the noises come from. Then we help you fix them.

We at Autocornerd want to help you know more about your vehicle. If you want to change your engine or just fix problems when your engine won’t start, we explain things step-by-step. We take the problem and guide you to the solution.

Our Editorial Process and Guidelines

At Autocornerd, we take care to give readers right automotive info. Asjad’s hands-on skill as a mechanic makes the base for what we write.

Below are the rules Asjad sticks to write deep content on something:

1. Correct, complete info

We dig deep into maker guides, accredited books, and industry stuff to write each post. Asjad uses his real-world mechanical skill to make complex things easy to get and do. We check all facts and tips before publishing.

2. Tips from experience

With project vehicles under his wrench, Asjad faced the problems DIYers see. He writes guides based on those lessons, with tips to avoid issues.

3. Always upgrading knowledge

Asjad keeps his skills sharp with new tech and fix training. So AutoCornerd gives timely, solid info readers can trust.

4. Real-world views

In posts, Asjad draws on hands-on troubleshooting in his and colleagues’ vehicles. As causes differ, he asks mechanics and owners to get all potential root causes and fixes. This rounded approach helps Asjad walk readers through systematic troubleshooting.

While AI writing tools are on the rise, we do not take shortcuts – all of our guides are thoroughly researched and authored by Asjad himself. He leverages extensive real-world expertise to transform complex topics into actionable instructions that resonate with readers. We provide genuine know-how from an experienced professional, not artificial hype.

Read more about editorial process at Autocornerd.

What Is The Role Of Asjad Emir In the Autocornerd Team?

I, Asjad Emir, started the popular blog Autocornerd. I’m a Mechanical Engineering graduate from the University of Engineering and Technology in Lahore. My strong education shows my deep understanding of cars.

Loving working with engines for life, I’ve over 10 years of hands-on experience. Fixing and learning has made me a master technician.

In 2022, I launched AutoCornerd to share knowledge. My articles for everyday car owners have advice, DIY repairs, maintenance info, modifications, and more.

My engaging yet informative writing style has successfully set AutoCornerd as an unrivaled destination for automotive guidance.

Asjad Emir’s Experience: An Invaluable Asset for AutoCornerd

Drawing from my hands-on know-how and special lessons in engine fixing, electrical workings, and emission management, I always well set-up to make complex terms and ways simple. I try to make straightforward, easy-to-get guides that help readers better grasp their rides and do fixes themselves.

I am deep into studying, writing, looking over, and testing stuff for Autocornerd. Using my engineering knowledge and onsite mechanic experience, I try to make accurate, easy-to-follow DIY fixing instructions and full troubleshooting flows just right for our readers’ wheels.

By always trying to get car troubles, I have made helpful tools worth your time – full checklists for Vehicle Care tasks and Vehicle Maintenance. These lists show that I’m a trusted guide for lots of ride owners seeking answers and tips. They like real proof of why I’m a good teacher for folks wanting to learn, tend, and tweak their cars.

When not writing new stuff, I dive into my garage, testing project rides, always pushing what I can do. I’m all-in on being a real help for people who love to know, keep, and change their cars.

In the below picture, you can see that studying under the hood intently, I lean over the engine to decode its intricate components. My goal – become an expert on the machinery powering your ride. Only by understanding how each part functions together can I provide clear troubleshooting advice in my DIY auto repair guides. I love unraveling the complex workings of modern automobiles to make repairs simple for everyday drivers.

Asjad Emir founder of autocornerd.com

Cars can seem complicated, but with some helpful guidance, anyone can learn basic maintenance skills. That’s why I also created Autocornerd YouTube channel – to make vehicle repair straightforward for regular folks.

My goal is to first help you understand how the different parts under the hood work together. I don’t want you just diving in blindly, which could lead to a messy situation. When you know what’s going on under there, you’ll have the know-how to handle basic upkeep yourself.

To break things down into digestible chunks, I’ve made explanatory videos using simple illustrations. This visual learning helps build intuition around engine components and systems. With clear mental models established, you’ll approach repairs with insight rather than guesswork.

Armed with fundamental mechanical knowledge, you can avoid needing complex (and pricey!) solutions for minor issues. Some shops prey on customers’ lack of expertise, tacking on unneeded services. I want to empower you to make informed decisions and not get ripped off.

Here are some of my YouTube videos on the AutoCornerd channel. I’m camera shy, lol. That’s why the videos are faceless.