Nexgen Ceramic Spray Review: How Good The Coating Is?

As a detailer, you know how hard it is to keep your vehicle looking clean. This ceramic spray is a great way to keep your vehicle looking like new, even after a long day.

NexGen products have been around for almost 20 years that are made in South California. I have used their product for over a year now and absolutely love it.

Nextgen Ceramic Spray ceramic spray works by applying a layer of fine, non-abrasive particles to your vehicle’s surface. Once the particles adhere to the surface, they are bonded together with a resin to form a durable film. The result is a streak-free, shiny surface.

The Nextgen Ceramic Spray comes in three different sizes. So, let’s dig in and discuss some unique features of its spray and investigate the pros and cons of this product.

My Concise Remarks About Nextgen Ceramic Spray

Nextgen Ceramic Spray provides a very nice shine and is easy to apply, but when it comes to water beading and durability, there are better products like Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Spray. Nextgen Ceramic Spray is great for bringing the car to a show or something like that. But it doesn’t last long. However, for a quick shine/gloss and slickness, it works great.

  • Ease of Application: 9/10
  • Shine: 8.
  • Water beading: 6/10

Here is what a customer says about Nextgen Ceramic Spray:

“I put Nextgen Ceramic Spray on my 14 Silverado a few months ago love this product all I have to do is spray it off I’m wiped down it’s definitely protecting my paint job I’m getting ready to put it on my 18 Impala before I go down to Florida to protect it.

What Nexgen Ceramic Spray Contains?

Nextgen spray contains 13% SiO2 (Ceramic agent), which is more than Carpro Preload spray (5% SiO2). Nexgen ceramic spray forms a super slick surface and applies an incredible shine to the car body.

Here is what a user says:

“Super easy and works great! Easy application. Just spray on and wipe off. I use it on my boat. Have to make sure boat is clean, not wet, and been in a garage, but gives it a great shine! So far it has done a good job protecting the exterior and the muck that gets on the boat from the river is easier to wipe off.

Many people confuse Nexgen Ceramic Spray with Cquartz. The real ceramic coating is still Cquartz which has 70% SiO2.

How To Apply Nexgen Ceramic Spray?

It is quite easy to apply the Nextgen ceramic spray and it is also very forgiving as far as ceramic coatings are concerned. To apply Nexgen Ceramic Spray, simply spray on the applicator, and apply to the surface in a cross pattern using a clean microfiber cloth. Do not wait for it to haze the surface.

After one or two minutes, wipe off with another dry and clean microfiber towel. No buffing is required to apply Nexgen Ceramic Spray. While applying Nexgen Ceramic Spray, start with one panel and let it sit for a minute or 2, and then remove. Then you go to the next panel and repeat.

One person says this:

“I used about 4 oz and it only took 30 minutes for me to polish my Challenger. Great coverage and excellent shine. I have yet to experience the polish’s durability.”

Furthermore, make sure to apply Nexgen Ceramic Spray on a cool dry surface in the Shade. The temperature to apply Nexgen ceramic spray should not be less than 45 °F. Also, avoid too much Nexgen on the car body. 4 to 7 sprays are more than enough. Make sure that the panel of the car should be cool to touch.

Here is what the customer says:

” Nexgen seems to work best / spread longest when used in the shade.”

To get a mirror shine, Nexgen recommends clay baring the car surface first to remove surface impurities. That will give a good first level of shine and smoothness to the car body. For the best experience, I would suggest you apply Nexgen Ceramic Spray after a deep car wash and fully dry it.

What’s The Downside About Nexgen Ceramic Spray 

The major downside I didn’t like about Nexgen Ceramic Spray is its price. No doubt the shine and the slickness to the car body it gives off are phenomenal. However, the level of protection by Nexgen Ceramic Spray is not justified by its price.

And it is a major drawback that makes me reluctant to buy this product again if I want long-term protection for my car body. The maximum protection you can get for your car body with this Nexgen Ceramic Spray cannot be more than one month.

One person did a test for the longevity and protection of Nexgen Ceramic Spray. After the first wash, the water beading was on point. However, the slickness of a car’s surface got affected.

It began to wear off and the car no longer felt like an ice rink when you slide your hand across the car’s body. After one month and the 4th car wash, it didn’t even feel like the Nexgen Ceramic Spray was applied to the car. Note that, Nexgen Ceramic Spray was only applied one time.

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